Aluminum Moka Pot


Main material: Aluminum   
Color: Silver  
 1 Cup = 50 ML

This classic espresso coffee maker is a stovetop coffee espresso maker that makes excellent quality espressos.   

  •     Easy to clean, easy to use
  •     Coupled with frothy milk you can easily  make cappuccino!
  •     With chocolate you can easily make mocha!
  •     Aluminium frame and steel base   


Simply add water and ground coffee and a light pressure will create a rich, flavorful espresso, tasting similar to espresso from an electric machine without the crema on top.   

Package included :
Coffee Makers   x  1pcs  


3 cups size: 15.5cm*8cm   0.240kg

6 cups size: 19.5cm*9.2cm   0.330kg

9 cups size: 22.5cm*10cm   0.42kg

12 cups size: 25cm*11.5cm   0.62kg

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