100 Movies Scratch Poster

100 Movies Figure Scratch Posters

1. The best 100 movies; from Oscar winners to highly acclaimed movies, this must-see everything in the movie list. Our laminated poster is the only poster showing the latest Oscar winner. The best collection of the best movies worth watching-AFI and IMDb top 100 combinations. Top movies such as "Star Wars", "Casablanca", "Jaws", "Shawshank's Redemption", "Crash" and "Avatar" will amaze you; feel happy and alive; it will inspire and educate. The movie will leave a permanent impression.
2. Colorful and fascinating icons: each icon is unique, and the elegant design represents the soul of each movie. Behind each layer of high-quality gold, there are surprises waiting for you. Most importantly, the poster has a smooth appearance, which can enhance its look and feel. The exquisite and colorful artwork and outstanding titles will attract you to continue scratching!
3. High-quality materials: You will not find many posters with high-quality materials. The poster is made of 250 gsm, which provides the perfect thickness without causing any creases and wrinkles.
4. Very suitable for gift/wall decoration/frame: Our poster comes with sturdy test tube packaging and can be used as a gift, so you don't need to spend extra effort on gift packaging. If it is to be molded or used as a wall decoration, it will add the perfect texture to any room. Every time I look at a poster, I think of past movies. This is also a good topic for your guests.
5. Challenge your family and friends: Do you want to challenge your family and friends in a friendly way? See who can accumulate the most scratches or who completes his bucket list first? This is a fun way to keep you entertained and brag about your collection to others!

Thickness: 9mm thin plate
Printing form: Color printing
Brand: Painting World
Material: Paper
Size: 59 * 42 * 0.09cm

Package included:
1*plastic scraper



Collections: Feature

Type: Unknown Type

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